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Gracie's Greyhound Gallery


"May we all look on each other
with the eyes of a friend."


My life Story and Photo Album

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How to Adopt a Greyhound of Your Own:

1. Call the local Humane Society and ask for the nearest greyhound adoption organization.

2.  Call your local greyhound track and ask for info on how to adopt a retired racer.

3.  Research on the internet.

4.  E-mail my mom for more info.  She would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Other Greyhound Resources:

The Greyhound Gang

one of my absolute most favorite greyt hound sites

Arizona Adopt a Greyhound
(where we foster greyt hounds
until they find their forever families)



national adoption agency listings, greyhound art, and much more


A Breed Apart
online Greyhound Magazine with a greyt sense of humor