Safeway Crash
Greenway Parkway, 100 Yards East of Tatum Blvd.
September 24th, 2009
On the way to work this afternoon around 2:22pm I noticed the huge city transit bus making a u-turn in front of me and thought to myself, "That's odd. They don't usually make u-turns." As I got closer I saw there was a serious accident that not even the Phoenix cops who inhabit Greenway Parkway had gotten to yet. I was only able to get one badly out of focus shot off. When my kids were going to SCA, I used this exit (where the blue green car in the right corner of the photo is) out of Safeway to cross over the east bound traffic to get into west bound traffic all the time. And every single time it was the most terrifying part of my day.
Greenway/Safeway accident photo

An accident here did not surprise me at all. In this case, probably excessive speed by an east-bound vehicle contributed to the accident.
With the Safeway union voting to go on strike there should be far less traffic and less chance of any accidents.
Close-cropped Greenway accident photo