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Mr. Wonderful Talks
President Obama's February 18th, 2009
visit to Mesa, Arizona
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J.D. Hayworth

Served as the Catalysts for this non-protest, protest, held on February 18th, 2009 in Mesa, Arizona.

Note that unlike protests made by Liberal-leaning and Terrorist groups where the signs are made up in a print-shop weeks ahead of time, all these protestors signs were lettered by the very people holding them. Imagine that! No one even gave them the pre-made sign.
If this were your typical spur-of-the-moment protest choreographed by the left, the unions, the abortionists or the eco-freaks, there would have been one additional sign:
"Where's my pre-lettered sign, padded wood stick holder, free concert & free beer?"

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Presidential Limo
Mesa, Arizona 
Feb. 18th, 2009
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