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Scorpion on Carpet

Taking care of a winter resident's home I find a dead scorpion.
Dead Scorpion

And then I find another dead scorpion.
Six Dead Scorpions

I eventually locate five dead scorpions and one not-so-dead one that I discovered when I picked him up by his tail. No worries mates, in the 1950s, Crazy Brother Pat and I used to collect, by hand, all kinds of dangerous creatures.
Scorpion on Human Growth Hormone

Through collecting these so odd looking and very poisonous arachnids, I went to check the toilets. After I was through checking the British Racing Green hallway toilet, I noticed it had run out of toilet paper. Knowing that I may need to check the toilet the next week, I went in search of a replacement roll. I walked the fifty steps or so into a ground floor bedroom bathroom. One that I had previously carefully checked for scorpions. I pulled open and then closed several drawers. And suddenly this massive bastard appeared. And he was nowhere near dead. I immediately set a new personal record for my vertical leap.
Swinging the Stinger

Here we see Señor Scorpion poking air, flinging his built-in flick knife to and fro hoping to sting someone or something.
Still Swinging

Still poking the air, the fiesty fellow hopes to jab me.
He Grabbed my House Key

Somehow he grabbed my house key out of my pocket. It will give you a good idea of his size.
Leader of the Pack

Gingerly carrying Harry Hadrurus I placed him on the same countertop where I had positioned his smaller bodied speiced buddies. You can see how much larger he is.
Here's Looking at You

You would you like to wake up with this sharing your pillow. It could happen in north Scottsdale, Arizona. Talk about 'morning breath.'


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