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true Arizona Cardinal

Arizona Cardinal

It took me several weeks to get this close with my DiMage 7 and snap of picture of this busy guy.
purple cactus flower

Purple Bloom

I'll never get over that cacti, some of the orneriest plants known to Man have such pretty flowers.
missionary style bird legs

Birds Do It

Now here's something you don't see every day. And it's sure something I would not be seeing if I was stuck behind a desk somewhere with a coffee pot and water cooler as my only horizon. Here we see a couple of English sparrows getting it on 'missionary-style' literally in the gutter. Down and dirty.
traditional style

Traditional Bird Boingin

Here is a scene I saw played out innumerable times in front of my window this Spring. The female sparrow would sit on a palm frond and ruffle her feathers up until a male would come by and mount her. And the girl birdie wasn't satisfied until the male had copulated five times in quick succession. Sure am glad I don't wear feathers.
hole cloud

MW Sneezes, Blows Hole in Cloud

Anyone who has heard MW sneeze knows that this a possibility. Then if you wait around you can hear me play "Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits" with my substantial proboscis and a Kleenex.
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