32nd Street & Greenway Parkway Crash
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
April 2nd, 2010
The Phoenix police SUV blocks eastbound Greenway Parkway traffic. The officers in this part of town mostly drive Tahoes because they often arrest groups of felonious illegal aliens and your typical sedan just can't handle it. That's not saying a nine-adult group of Guatemalan's could not fit into the rear seat of an Chevy Impala, because they could. And have.
Accident at Greenway Parkway & 32nd Street w/police SUV blocking east bound traffic
Here we are turning onto a side street that I wouldn't recommend driving down after 11pm at night. You can see that it looks like there was a horse trailer involved and everyone prays the innocent equines weren't injured or killed.
Turning down side street
A closer-cropped shot of the intersection where you can see two fire-engines and one ambulance. The brownish-gray border above the fire engines is actually the pedestrian bridge over the Greenway Parkway & State Route 51 (The Pee-On-the-Street Freeway) intersection about two blocks away. It was paid for with federal highway funds, because Phoenix, the 5th largest city in America, couldn't afford something that gawdamned extravagant and expensive. Our city fathers would rather spend our taxes on Day Labor Centers so that the Illegal Aliens in town, laid off from construction, janitorial, fast food and landscaping work (that Americans wouldn't do) can find other employment instead of simply standing around drinking and urinating on walls.
2 Phoenix fire-engines, 1 ambulance
Here you can see a Phoenix police Chevy Impala, blocking the southbound traffic on 32nd Street. The officer is standing directly in front frantically waving me through the intersection while I'm snapping this photo. (Note the gang tags on the stop sign. As many legal-citizen in Phoenix, I am just so enjoying all this diversity.)
Phoenix police car blocking 32nd Street