Accident 36th Street & Cactus Road
July 7th, 2010 @ 6:00pm

Phoenix, Arizona

The accident scene: Cactus Road and 36th Street
Accident photo #1, left to right street is name Cactus Road
Below you can see the paramedics approaching the black car.
The white vehicles with the blue art are Phoenix police.
For years I lived at a house near Sunnyside Drive and 36th Street.
Photo number two, the street to the left is 36th Street. For years I lived at a house near here.
This looks like a photo of the door open on the black car in the previous frame.
This happens because I have to look forward and drive, while I wave the
camera out to my side and snap pictures. The silver car is a Toyota with the
accelerator stuck to the floor.
Photo of door open on black car