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Miracles ... Miracles

Miracles ...Miracles

There has been a long history of conflict between Christianity and science. Galileo's trial is an example of that conflict. In Islam, this has never been the case. In fact, many modern scientific discoveries were mentioned in the Holy Quran.
Some of these modern scientific discoveries are:
  • Anatomy of The Human Skin
  • Archaeology
  • Creation of The Universe
  • Geology
  • Lunar and Solar Calendars

    To know more about this side of the Holy Quran you can visit this site:
  • It is the truth

    Quran is the everlasting, renewable, and living proof. It is the eternal miracle in our hands until the Last Hour. Fourteen hundred years ago, the Arabs in the desert examined the Qur'an and found in it divine knowledge, which they recognized as from their Lord and which confirmed the veracity of the message of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Today, scientists in the various disciplines of natural sciences who study the Quran find that this same divine knowledge is providing them with the same evidence and confirms that it is from the creator of the universe. Likewise, the evidence confirms the genuineness of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

    Those who allege that Mohammad wrote the Quran claim something that is not humanly possible:

    Firstly, could anyone living in the sixth century CE. utter such scientific truths as the Qur'an contains? Could he describe the evolution of the embryo inside the uterus so accurately that it matches the description given by modern science?
    Secondly, is it logical to believe that the Prophet, who, until the age of forty, was known far and wide for his honesty and integrity, began all of a sudden to write a book that is without equal in literary merit and that could not be surpassed by the whole legion of the Arab poets and orators of the highest caliber?
    And lastly, is it justified to say that Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), who was known to his people as al-Amin (The trustworthy) and who is still admired by non-Muslim scholars for his honesty and integrity, came forth with a false claim and on that falsehood trained thousands of individuals of character, integrity, and honesty who were able to establish the best human society that the world has ever known?

    So, cast your preconceived notions aside, Be a truth seeker , and Join those who found the truth.

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