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Welcome to Lunatics Football

and the Fourth Dimension!

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Lunatics Weekly Update  

Wow, Sunday in Prescott was Fantastic.  For the record, we had 27 suited up, and practice actually went over by only 5 minutes. Not bad.

On top of that, we had a great practice. One of the things I have heard some of our new players talk about is being able to "seamlessly" come together as a single unit.  Based on what I saw, and on what I have heard since Sunday, "seamless" is on of the best ways to explain what is happening to the Lunatics.

At the BBQ after practice, it looked like we had all been together for years, not hours.  That's huge.  One of the players asked me if anyone really stood out Sunday?   I told him it would be easier to find the one that didn't Shine.   Great effort all the way around on Sunday, and we are better now because of it.

Now starts the fun.  8-28 is our first passing league competition with the Bulldogs.  We have a lot of work to do.  However, I am very confident in our players and program.  We will get better some more.  Remember, the Championship Run has started.  Get on board with your team mates and let's get this thing done!

See ya Thursday Night,

Coach Riley


Welcome to the Fourth Dimension!

There are four dimensions that determine the success or failure of a Football Team.

1.    The quality of the players.

2.    The quality of the coaching.

3.    The quality of the opposition.

The fourth and most important dimension is…….

4.    “The selfless teamwork and collective pride, which accumulate until they make positive thinking and victory habitual”.

-Vince Lombardi




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