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Ralph & Laura, Soaring


Up into the clouds we soar,
Love takes us where we want to go.
In each other's arms once more
Gazing at the world below
Emotions carry us through the clouds
and into the bright sunlight.
Alone together while in the crowds
Our caring makes all things right.
Borne upon our lifted spirit
Held snugly to love's sweet breast
We sing together a rapturous duet
and continue always, our soaring quest.


Watching you peacefully asleep
Listening to your quiet breathing
Overcome with the emotion of loving you.
The way your face looks in total repose,
Brings overwhelming tenderness to my heart
Your head leaning close to me even in sleep.
Sleep does not lock me out of your mind,
Because you take me with you into dreamland
Gently, I reach to stroke your brow,
softly a sigh interrupts your regular breathing.
I lay beside you and you instinctively draw closer.
Warmth and comfort floods me with a feeling of well-being
I drift off to peaceful sleep counting the
many reasons I love you.

His Eyes

Blue circles of perfection,
Sheltered by soft tracings.
Is it the beauty of your eyes,
Or merely the beauty behind them
That swallows me with such tender grace?
Sliding into them, I can feel the plunge
Of my heart as it meets yours.
I am blessed to love such a man.
One who is, in every way,
As beautiful as his eyes.
I see the sky in your clear blue eyes.
Holding clouds of wonder and winds of strength.
When you look at me in that certain way
I am carried aloft in love's sweet flight
Flying into forever

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