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Trail & Endurance Saddles
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Trail & Endurance Saddles


Key Benefits

  • Every saddle is handmade and custom built to order with top quality American leather.
  • The tree is guaranteed for 5 years and is designed to allow free movement of the horse's shoulder and back.
  • Extremely comfortable for horse and rider.
  • Lightweight 17 pounds with a 15" seat.
  • Close contact to your horse.
  • The stirrups are free swinging and hung under you for a perfectly balanced ride.
  • The padding under the saddle gives and conforms to the horse's back to ensure a perfect fit not only when the horse is standing, but also when he is moving and can easily be adjusted at any time to fit a problem horse.
  • The padding is covered with rough-out leather to prevent your saddle pad from slipping.
  • Heavy gauge nylon rigging for strength and easy maintenance.
  • The rigging is attached directly to the tree in three places, across the front, middle, and to the rear for exceptional saddle stability and even pressure displacement.
  • The cinch is completely adjustable to the front and to the rear to fit any horse and any style of riding.
  • The cinch ring is lowered and out of the way to prevent the cinch knot from hitting you in the knee.

*Please Note: Money is refundable, less shipping and handling charges, only if saddle is purchased from Marciante Saddle & Leather Co., Inc. and returned in perfect condition. Money is not refundable if purchased from one of our National Distributors, or kept longer than 2 weeks.


Description Price
Manufacturers Discount Price $699


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