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Marciante Saddle & Leather Co., Inc.

The Marciante Trail and Endurance Saddle is a truly all purpose saddle with a perfectly balanced ride. It has been ridden in many 50 and 100 mile races and on trail rides in all types of terrain and weather all across the United States and is extremely comfortable for both horse and rider.

Company Profile

I have taken the best features from every saddle I have ever ridden and put them into one saddle. It starts with the tree. It is a Western tree made by Ralide with a few modifications. The seat is 15" with a 3" cantle. This is average and fits most people. There is 1/4" of padding between the leather and the tree. This helps to make the seat more comfortable. There are no high spots in the saddle seat. Your weight is distributed evenly across the saddle seat to your thighs. Distributing your weight allows for a more comfortable saddle. The bars are 20" long, that is the reason I like the Western style tree. It is longer than the Australian and most English saddles, so your weight is distributed over more of the horse's back. The tree has high and wide
wither clearance and the tips, front and rear, have been flared out so they cannot dig into the horse's shoulder or back.

You can order the saddles with or without a saddle horn.

Most Western saddles have sheepskin under the saddle for padding. The sheepskin wears down and mats down rapidly. That's why I like the English idea of padding and took it one step further. The padding I use absorbs shock and conforms to the little idiosyncrasies all horses backs have and when the saddle is removed it returns to its original shape, ready for the next horse. I wrapped all this in a rough-out leather so your pad does not slip. It works great! The saddle is designed to have extremely close contact to the horse.

The rigging is attached to the tree and not the leather, because leather stretches. The rigging is attached across the front, middle and rear of the tree with heavy gauge nylon, for strength and easy maintenance. It is also lowered and out of the way of your knees and is adjustable to the front and to the rear, to fit any horse and any style of riding.

Heavy gauge nylon attaches the stirrups to the tree, directly under you for a perfectly balanced ride. The nylon gives you the free movement like English leathers, but you have the comfort of the Western fenders. And of course, they are fully adjustable with Blevin buckles. Special racing fenders are also available.

The saddle comes in your choice of medium brown or dark brown leather, with 6 D-rings, 6 latigo straps, 2 breast collar D-rings, off-strap, cinch rings and nylon tie straps and stirrups. Cinch not included.

Contact Information

For more information or to order you can contact me at the following phone number or address.

Thank You

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