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Magiman476's Harvest Moon Homepage


Look over there, you might win! --->

If you get here,
and the counter displays
500, 1000, or 500,
save the image by right
clicking on it. Then attach
it to an E - Mail, and send
it to me
and I'll E - Mail you something back.
Don't forget to add 371
to the number displayed.
Thanks and good luck!
<--- Look over there, You might win!

Lunar: Silver Star Story

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(I know this is a HM page, but I wanna support this game anyway)

Hi! and welcome to my HM web page!

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This page is all about the best game ever made for the SNES: HARVEST MOON!

If you are having problems, or just want more info, then this page is for you.

This is where all my adopted things are and will go.

Meet my Chocobo "Tricilleon!"

Click HERE to get your own Chocobo!
ain't he cute?ain't he cute?ain't he cute?
These are my 3 monster friends that I adopted, IntraKhan, Flammie, and Allura. Aren't they cute?

Adopt your own monster from The Azure Dreams HQ!

I am now also taking on the name of "Dragonlord" in addition to Magiman476. This is do to the sudden appearance of my newfound friends. Meet them now:
<---This is InfraKrell, My head Dragon. He won't bite, I think.
<--- This one is The Crystal Phantasm. He's not what you would call harmless.
<--- He is The Dark Avenger. Use extreme cuation near this baby.
<--- This guy is, well, would it help if I said a fitting name for him is Killer or Destroyer?
<--- This one's name is HyBrax En - Cor (what a mouthful). He looks a little upset now, so you better scroll along.
Make Your own Dragons at The Dragon Renderer
The controls are a bit complex at first, but you'll get used to them after playing around for a while.

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Thanks to *JADE* and Bryan Backas for graphics, strategy guides and girl info.

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