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*** Track List ***

1. Cry For More (3:52)

2. Life Means Nothing (4:47)

3. Dirty Dreams (3:25)

4. Leave You Right Now (5:19)

*** Principles ***

Thorsten "Toto" Bergmann (Vocals)

Frank "Fred" Fricke (Guitar)

Lemmie (Bass)

Atomic Steif (Drums)

This four song 12" EP I know very little about, but at least I know something thanks to a dubbed copy. Produced by the Aaarrg! Records label, the line-up consists of Thorsten Bergmann for vocals and I believe Atomic Steif for drums but I'm not too sure of the rest. Possibly Georgie (ex-Holy Moses) on guitars and Lemmy (ex-Violent Force) for bass, as hinted in the excerpt from the Metal Hammer - Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Encyclopedia included in the Living Death biography.

The EP, I think, is the bands only release as I haven't heard of any other. The music style is definately not thrash but rather has more of a speed/rock style with just a hint of Living Death style of a blend from "Vengeance of Hell" and "Worlds Neuroses". The music is upbeat with a fairly fast tempo. Clear, somewhat monotonous, vocals without any of Thorsten's classic Living Death singing (or should I say screaming) style. The strongest point of the album is definately the guitar work. Lots of great lead and effects. The bass also deserves some notable mention; fast, bouncy, and holds the music together well. I think this could have been a lot better an album had it been a lot heavier. The songs rate average at best except "Leave You Right Now", which is an awesome track.

* If anyone has additional info on this band please let me know.

Leave You Right Now
From the "Sacred Chao" mini-EP
RealAudio - 2 min 02 sec (227K)

After the breakup of Living Death, Sacred Chao was first known as L.D. Here is a live sound sample of L.D. in 1988 at the Heavy Sound 2 Festival in Germany performing the Living Death track "Last Birthday".

Last Birthday
Living Death cover track performed by L.D.
RealAudio - 3 min 30 sec (whole song) (390K)

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