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Live EP

Cover of Live EP 1. Killing Machine (2:55)

2. Grippin' a Heart (4:48)

3. Road of Destiny (4:22)

4. Screaming from a Chamber (6:36)

The Live EP was recorded back in 1985 when Andreas Oberhoff was still on drums. The sound quality of the songs are very good for a live album, and played (as usual) somewhat faster than studio stuff. There is very little crowd roar heard and I was disappointed there was little stage banter. Also it would have been a better move to have double the song list and a bit more variety, prehaps a few tracks from Vengeance of Hell and one or two from Back to the Weapons. Nonetheless this album is an excellent compliment to an LD collection.

* See the Metal Revolution page for some song lyrics.

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