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Living Death (2 CD Compliation)

Front Cover of Living Death double CD Back Cover of Living Death double CD


1. Nuclear Greetings (4:38)
2. Bloody Dance (3:29)
3. The Way (Your Soul Must Go) (4:34)
4. Child of Illusion (3:17)
5. Horrible Solution (3:39)
6. Manila Terror (3:49)
7. Natures Death (4:39)
8. Wood of Necrophiliac (5:18)
9. Vengeance (4:07)
10. Intruder (4:50)
11. The Galley (5:34)
12. War of Independence (3:31)
13. Eisbein (2:51)

14. Last Birthday (3:51)
15. Die Young (3:57)
16. Schizophrenia (4:10)
17. On the 17th Floor (3:39)
18. Down (4:30)
19. Worlds Neuroses (2:29)
20. Bastard (at the Busstop) (2:44)
21. The Testament of Mr. George (5:02)
22. Sacred Chao (3:58)
23. Tuesday (6:53)
24. Killing Machine (live) (2:55)
25. Grippin' a Heart (live) (4:48)
26. Road of Destiny (live) (4:22)
27. Screaming from a Chamber (live) (6:36)

* tracks 1-4: Back to the Weapons/ 5-13: Protected From Reality/ 14-23: Worlds Neuroses/ 24-27: Live - EP

Taken from inside the CD cover (similar to The Living Death Biography:)

LIVING DEATH, one of the first thrash bands from Europe, whose music has influenced the form of the German speed-metal scene, were formed as early as 1980 by: Frank Fricke, Reiner and Dieter Kelch, Thorsten "Toto" Bergmann, and Frank Schubring. Their first live performance made one sit up and take notice in the same way as the first demo, which resulted in a recording contract with Earthshaker. This album, called "Vengeance of Hell", achieved impressive sales despite a poor sound quality, and was placed worldwide in the most important Independent charts. After its release, drummer Frank Schubring then left the band, replaced briefly by Harald Lutze, who in turn had to make way for Andreas Oberhoff. With this line up the EP "Watch Out" was then recorded at the beginning of '85, as a foretaste of the album "Metal Revolution" released in October of the same year; recorded at the Horus Studios in Hannover and distributed by Bellaphon.

1986 and two decisive changes: drummer Atomic Steif joined the band and a new deal was signed with, the then still very young label, AAARG Records. Collaboration with label owner and producer Ralf Hubert, himself a composer and musician (Mekong Delta), proved really fruitful from the start; the first EP from this combination ("Back to the Weapons") became a huge success and was also placed in various Indie-Charts. 1987's release was "Protected from Reality", an album that: "mercilessly goes flat out, with characteristic style and class", (Gotz Kuhnemund/ Metal Hammer 3/87). With this record LIVING DEATH showed that technical perfection, which above all meant guitar work, was completely compatable with the speed and thrash sound of that time.

On their 1988 release, "Live"-EP, the first musicians from Velbert (Germany) demonstrated their untamed wildness and unrestrained enthusiasm for playing just as much their technical brilliance. Still in the same year with the release of "Worlds Neuroses" came the climax of their careers, but unfortunately also the end. The album fused controlled techno-Thrash with powerful melodies into a single unit, and although all 10 songs had a totally independent character, there was still a thread running through the entire production.

LIVING DEATH influenced the form of the German metal scene in the eighties with the first record, and the 4 albums available here belong, of course, to the best which were released in this time. To date, records like "Worlds Neuroses" have lost none of their attraction.

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