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--The Living Death Link List--

Sentinel Steel Records- Finally back online. This is the place where I bought all my Living Death on CD. They occasionaly get the odd album in from time to time. Very reputable, good selection of 80's metal, great prices on all CD's.

A.B.S./Shark Records - A.B.S. is a division of Crazy Life Music owned by Axel Thubeauville (earlier Living Death producer). They released the remastered "Metal Revolution" album in 1996. I'm not sure if it is presently still available, as this website is hopelessly out of date, but if interested go to their site and send them an email. A.B.S. is also selling the X-mas Project CD (?? still available). There has been some mention of an apparant re-release of "Vengeance of Hell" remaster, incl. title track from "Watchout!"

**Aug 18,'01: Vengeance of Hell remastered is available now!! You can find it at Shark Records , or possibly at Sentinel Steel

Extreme Subterranea - A good source of black metal. Also has a vintage metal page which usually lists a few LP releases of Living Death stuff.

BNR Metal Pages - The largest heavy metal site on the net. Web pages for hundreds of bands. The only other website on the net, besides mine, which has a page for Living Death.

Metal Lyrics Page - A metal lyrics website which contains Living Death lyrics. Nothing new, obvioulsy took them from my pages

Living Death - A ? Russian Living Death webpage (happy translating)

Protected From Reality - Someone here wrote a review on Protected From Reality (BTW it's in Hungarian)

The Metal Gospel - Read a review on the 2001 Vengeance Of Hell release.

Living Death - Another non-english Living Death page.

The Metal Observer - A review of the Metal Revolution re-release.

Musica - Metal Music Magazine - Living Death webpages.

No Life 'Til Metal - CD Gallery - Living Death.

Rock Detector - Living Death.

--Other Links--

Mekong Delta Home Page - Official Site

Net of Darkness - A Gravedigger Page - Frank Ullrich's later band

hardradio hard
rock and heavy metal internet radio

Desaster Interview - I've posted this interview link here as it mentions Toto's guest apperance on Disaster's "Hellfire's Dominion" release

Black Metal.Com - Tale Of The Macabre #5. Lists an appearance by Living Death

Stahltrager - Interview with Atomic Steif and his band Stahltrager.

Encyclopedia Metallum - Huge general metal site including Living Death, Sacred Chao.

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