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Killing in Action

Front cover of Killing In Action Back cover of Killing In Action

*** Track List ***

1. Killing in Action (4:00)

2. Hang 'em High (3:24)

3. Dire Weak Up (5:00)

4. Hearteater (3:12)

5. Polymorphic (3:10)

6. World Weariness (2:00)

7. Die For (For What We Lie For) (4:05)

8. Stand Up (3:45)

9. Tribut of Gutter (3:50)

10. Daily Life (4:44)

*** Principles ***

Reiner Kelch (Guitar)

Dieter Kelch (Bass)

Gerald Thelen (Vocals)

Frank Ullrich (Drums)

Produced by: Reiner Kelch, Dieter Kelch
Engineer: Reinhold Wendel
Synthesizer Programming: Wolf Arndt
Choir voice on "Die For": Monika Rose
Chaos Choir: Wolle, Frank, Gerald, Dieter

Killing in Action ends Living Death's career with a bang. Here we see the departure of Thorsten Bergmann and Atomic Steif (both, I believe, who went on to form Sacred Chao) and Frank Fricke, replaced with Gerald Thelen (vocals) and Frank Ullrich (drums). This album is similar to Protected From Reality yet less dark, more aggressive and somewhat slower. Some fans feel it is their most powerful release.

Thelen, who I was initially skeptical of, is a perfect replacement for Toto, with a very similar vocal sound (though he doesn't have the vocal lung power Thorsten has). So similar, in fact, that on a couple songs you can hardly tell if it is Gerald or Toto's vocals. On this album Living Death return to their classic thrash/speed music style, one that changed to radically on Worlds Neuroses.

This release has two instrumental tracks. Polymorphic (which is faster and more aggressive than LD's classic Wood of Necrophiliac instrumental), and a rather strange track - World Weariness

Outstanding tracks: Dire Weak Up, Hearteater, Polymorphic, Daily Life

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