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The Living Death Biography

Here is a brief bio sent to me several years back from one of two short correspondences with the band. It occurs shortly before their "Killing in Action" release. (It has been edited for clarity from its original format)

LIVING DEATH, one of Europe's first Thrash/Speed-Metal bands was formed in 1980/81 from the brothers Reiner (guitar) and Dieter Kelch (bass), completed with Frank Fricke (guitar), Thorsten Bergmann (voice) and Frank Schubring (drums).

With this line-up they started their first successful gigs and recorded their first demo in 1982 with the songs "Living Death", "Nightlight", and "My Victim".

In 1983 Living Death got their first record deal with Earthshaker. The LP "Vengeance of Hell" had a very rough sound and got good pitches in all Independent charts on Earth

In the meantime Living Death lost their drummer Frank Schubring and after endless testing they catch Harald Lutze for drums. With this line-up they play some important gigs among other things for Warlock. But in the end of 1984 Andreas Oberhoff replaced Harald Lutze.

Living Death - 1985

Living Death record the EP "Watch Out!" in the beginning of 1985, with sales of the first 5000 units in one weeks time. Following in the same year the LP "Metal Revolution", an uncompromising continuation from "Watch Out", was released, recorded in the Horus Studios and distributed by Bellaphon.

In 1986 Atomic Steif replaced Andreas Oberhoff and "Back to the Weapons" was recorded. The EP was released with a surprise. The record was censored by a sticker placed on the cover. This album is still today well sold.

Another project was formed with some other musicians at the same time - "Mekong Delta". Parallel with this project and its first LP, Living Death published their third LP ,"Protected from Reality", in 1987. The LP started with a great success and placed worldwide in all Independent charts and sold over 15000 units.

Living Death came to a decision to publish some live recordings, which were appointed only for USA, in spring of 1988. After the Live-Ep Living Death's last LP "Worlds Neuroses" was released in the fall of 1988.

It follows a discord short after publishing "Worlds Neuroses". Living Death get two new musicians: Gerald Thelen (voice) and Frank Ullrich (drums).

In the end of 1989 some gigs are done in the USSR with great success, and work is done on the songs for the next record. With this line up Living Death will get their greatest success.

Living Death - 1989

Here is an excerpt from METAL HAMMER Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Encyclopedia sent to me from another LD fan.


Line up:
Thorsten 'Toto' Bergmann (vocals)
Frank Fricke (guitar)
Georgie (guitar)
Lemmy (bass)
Atomic Steif (drums)

In 1980 bass player Dieter Kelch, his brother, guitar player Reiner Kelch and Frank Fricke found the band Living Death. In 1981 the band is completed by drummer Frank Schubring and singer Thorsten 'Toto' Bergmann. A year later they record some demos resulting, in 1983, a deal with Axel Thubeauville, owner of the Earthshaker label.

In the same year drummer Frank Schbring quits, while the band has to use studio bass player Eric, who can be heard on the debut album "Vengeance of Hell". The album is licenced to Mausoleum Records, who releases it in July of '84. This month they also find another drummer, Harald Lutze, who joins them for a number of gigs being support act of Warlock. After this tour he's fired and replaced by Andreas Overhoff.

In January of '85 they release the mini-LP "Watch-Out!" with three remixed songs from the first LP and the self titled track. In August the second album is released, "Metal Revolution", recorded in the Horus Sound-studio and distributed by Bellaphone Records. In May of '86 they sign a deal with Aaarrg Records and the EP "Back to the Weapons" is recorded, which is sold with a big white sticker to camouflage the violent cover. Shortly before it's released they find a new drummer, Atomic Steif.

In 1987 a new album is released, "Protected from Reality", and soon over 18000 copies are sold. Even in Japan it's doing well. In May '88 the "Live"-EP is released with four songs off their second album. This one's followed by "Worlds Neuroses" in September, the best album so far. Shortly after the recordings founders Reiner and Dieter Kelch leave the band. They are replaced by ex-Holy Moses guitar player Georgie and ex-Violent Force bass player Lemmy. Side effect of this line up change is that they cannot use the name Living Death anymore. They decide to use the name L.D. from now on. With this name they make the "Metal Hammer Roadshow" video, together with Rage and Risk and they start a tour with Coroner and Angel Dust.

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