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Back to the Weapons

Front cover of Back to the Weapons Back cover of Back to the Weapons

*** Track List ***

1. Nuclear Greetings (4:38)

2. Bloody Dance(3:29)

3. The Way (Your Soul Must Go) (4:34)

4. Child of Illusion (3:17)

*** Principles ***

Reiner Kelch (Guitar)

Dieter Kelch (Bass)

Frank Fricke (Guitar)

Thorsten Bergmann (Vocals)

Atomic Steif (Drums)

This album is Living Death's second EP release and precursor to "Protected From Reality". Like the cover pictured here, the original vinyl release had an ugly white censor sticker placed in the spot where the one bitch is holding a knife to the others throat. This 4 song EP is faster, prehaps their fastest, and more agressive than its former "Metal Revolution". It has somewhat a similar sound (yet less dark) as "Protected From Reality", and Thorsten's vocals seem to be a little bit more higher pitched. Living Death were already performing live the track "The Way (Your Soul Must Go)" during support of their Metal Revolution album. This album kicks, and I feel is their third best release.

Outstanding tracks: everything, though I feel "The Way (Your Soul Must Go)" is the best song

Here is a comparison of the album cover with and without the infamous white sticker:

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