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These pages were written heavily under the
influence of good 'ol Canadian beer while listening to hours of 80's speed/thrash/death metal!

Unofficial website devoted exclusively to......

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- "Morbid sounds tortured my ears, strong winds blew dust and sand into my eyes.
Bestial heat came out of the cabin walls, it was intolerable and I knew I had arrived." -
("On The 17th Floor" - Worlds Neuroses)

Welcome to The Galley, the most complete and extensive website to ultimate 80's thrash band Living Death . Though disbanded since the early 90's this website is dedicated to keeping the spirit of Living Death alive and thrashing and providing fans with a source for information while promoting the band to others who happen to stumble upon this site or want to know what Living Death was all about.

From Velbert,Germany, Living Death entered the metal scene in the early 80's and had a carrer spaning some 10 years, in that time releaseing five LP's, four EP's (including a live album), went through many line-up changes and appeared in other projects such as early Mekong Delta and the X-Mas Project. Starting out as simple power metal with catchy rifts and an exteme vocalist, Living Death grew in intensity and speed until the release of "Protected From Reality", an ultimate thrash album, at the height of their career. "Worlds Neuroses" was quite a radically different change in both style and vocals. Unfortunately soon after Living Death either disbanded and reformed and/or went through a major line-up change maintaining only two of its original members, the Kelch brothers, and released one final album "Killing in Action"; a return to Living Death's speed/thrash metal style and a very heavy album but a somewhat weaker release compared to other previous stuff.

I would like to express my thanks to the band, and all musicians who participated, for unleashing the best speed/thrash metal that ever shook this planet. Though Living Death's decade reign seems short, let its spirit live on through dedicated fans and record companies willing to reissue album releases. Long-live 80's metal! Enjoy this site.

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1982 Living Death's demo tape
Vengeance of Hell
1984 Rough sounding debut
Watch Out! (EP)
1985 Fast to mid-paced aggressive power metal
Metal Revolution
1985Melodic speed metal
Back to the Weapons (EP)
1986Melodic, thrashy, their fastest
Protected from Reality
1987Fast, dark, very heavy
Eisbein (EP)
1987Title track w/ Horrible Infanticide
and Vengeance
Live EP
1988Four live songs from Metal Revolution
Worlds Neuroses
1988Powerful techno-thrash
Killing in Action
1991Very heavy mid-paced thrash/power metal
Living Death
1994Compliation album (2CD)
Other Living Death Projects and Appearances
Mekong Delta
R. Kelch and F. Fricke were a part of
the early stages of this band
X-mas Project
Kelch, Fricke and Bergmann made
appearances in Vol. 1 of this multi-band
X-mas song compliation
Speed Kills II
1986 Comp. Lp w/Living Death, Sodom, Iron
Angel, Destructor, Razor, Whiplash, etc.
Remastered "Hellpike" is the Living Death
Sacred Chao (Mini EP)
1989 Ex-Living Death vocalist
Thorsten Bergmann's later band.
Desaster - Hellfire's Dominion
1998 Thorsten Bergmann guest vocals
on the track "Metalized Blood"

Heavy Metal Hurricane (Remix Version)
From "Vengeance Of Hell (Remix)"
MP3 - 2 min

Vengeance Of Hell (Remix Version)
From "Vengeance Of Hell (Remix)"
MP3 - 2 min 6 sec

Grippin' A Heart (Original Version)
From "Metal Revolution"
MP3 - 2 min 22 sec

Screaming From A Chamber (Original Version)
From "Metal Revolution"
MP3 - 2 min 10 sec

From the "Watchout!" EP
RealAudio - 2 min 22 sec (264K)

Natures Death
From the "Protected from Reality" LP
RealAudio - 2 min 08 sec (109K)

The Galley
From the "Protected From Reality" LP
RealAudio - 1 min 40 seconds (187K)

Horrible Solution
From the "Protected from Reality" LP
RealAudio - 2 min 04 sec (229K)

Sacred Chao
From the "Worlds Neuroses" LP
RealAudio - 59 seconds (109K)

From the "Killing in Action" LP
RealAudio - 60 seconds (112K)


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