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Virtual Gifts

Hey there! Check out some of these cool virtual gifts, send some stuff to your hubby, your bud, your mommy, daddy, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, teacher, guardian, crush, admirer, kid, co-worker, classmate, stranger, weirdo on the internet or whoever you want, because all of these links are all frEE! So give it a peek! Get dibs on whatever your little heart desires and remember it's all free!

HALLMARK CARDS - some very cute, animate cards, some are free, some cost some money!
GOOD HUMOR ICE CREAM - make your own yummy ice cream creation, send it to a sweetie!
LOONEY TUNES WEB CARD - give someone some cute personalized postcards from the WB!
CARDMASTER - make someone special a card, designs for every occasion you can imagine!
E-GREETINGS - the yummiest card on the net! Send your buds free chocolate virtual grams!!
VIRTUAL PRESENTS - send all kinds of gifts from this site, lots of odds and ends to look at!
BLUE MOUNTAIN GREETINGS - my favorite gift site! (hint hint...) the best animated cards!!
123GREETING - take a look at these cuties! Cards for all occassions! Cheer up a friend these!
Wired 2000 - hey, put in your very own pics, great scenic cards like waterfalls and beautiful stuff!
THE KISS - wow, hey why not send some sweetie a kiss, a smooch or a frenchy, hee...hee...!
POST CARDS - send a free postcard to anyone anywhere, yes even in Sweden! Get them all here!

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