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Linasia's Links

Hi there! Check out some reall cool links I have up for you, let's see...I've got some cool movie links, great music sites and links to awesome freebies on the net! Don't you just love free stuff? Actually, the stuff on this page are all free! You like? If you know of other free stuff that should be here, let me know...and enjoy my lil' gifts =)

Linasia's Movie Links

TV Guide - get your free TV and movie guide here, advance showing schedule!
Hollywood - utimate movie guide, trailers, celebrities, the latest, soundtrack!
Mr. Showbiz - great movie guide, everything about movies you want to know!
Universal Pictures - a great movie site with lotsa movie reviews and info!
A Movie Link - more movie info and some film trailers with movie previews!
MovieLink - find out what's playing at a theatre near you, purchase movie tics!

Linasia's Music Links

Mod4win - the best free modplayer for windows, check out mods, they're cool!!
Lyrics Page - lots of lyrics of losta popular songs, many songs are included!
MTV Homepage - here is one of the best music sites on the web, get the latest
Columbia House - checkout this site, it's got alot of music samples, very cool
Billboard Online - click here to see the top music lists, udated weekly, I think!!
Altvideo - free Music Videos here! pick out the videos you want to check out!
Are-Oh-Vee - get vivoactive, and check out this great free music video site!
Winplay3 - this site has the best free MP3 players on the net, Winplay3 now!!
Vivoactive - this is really cool, it plays the latest music videos live on the net, a must!

Linasia's Free Links

Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages, where I got mine, super easy to use!
Mirabilis ICQ - Coolest Free Chat on the net, great for chatting with your buds!
AOL Instant Messenger - Cool free chat, by the way my screen name is Linasia!
Hotmail - most popular free web-based e-mail, get yours right now, it's easy!
Juno - easy to use, no internet access required, but doesn't support files!
Adobe Photoshop - I use this alot to create and edit my own images, it's cool!
Shockwave - for all you interactive multimedia needs on the web, cool, get it!
RealPlayer - listen to soundclips and watch animation as it downloads!

Questions? Comments? Drop me an e-mail, just a click away!