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Fly Up Into the Boughs

The Regency, apart from being my favorite time period, encompassed roughly the years 1810 - 1825. These are the years of Napoleon, Jane Austen, Byron, empire dresses, and corsets for men. They showed a remarkable similarity to the 1920's, in terms of extreme changes in women's clothing, slang, and the rules of polite society. Interestingly enough, both the Regency and the Roaring Twenties had much to do with wars, one coming directly after a war and one taking place during two wars. It seems to me that this must have something to do with the similarities.
Anyhow, the aim of these pages is to share a bit about my favorite historical setting with people, and hopefully to sound somewhat intelligent while I am doing it. So choose your stagecoach and begin your journey into the Regency.

The Slanguage Run

Jane's Stage

The Coach to Propriety

A Romantic Ride

On to more lands

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