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Welcome to my World!

It has been brought to my attention that very little is known about the creator of the below pages, so I shall here shed some light on the subject. I am an English major at an all-women's school, and am nineteen years of age. I am origionally from a small island in Maine's Penobscot Bay, which has had the result of making me very fond of the ocean. I also love to read, and will read anything, as well as dancing, mainly modern, and since my arrival at school have become very much re-attatched to all my old toys. I guess that's me in a paragraph. I hope this has been curiosity appeasing for everyone! And now.... Be sure to visit my Spice Girls Page!
And my Care Bears Page!
And my Twins Page!
And my Regency Page!
And my Rainbow Brite Page!
And my Quotation Pages!
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