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A message betrayed:

with wings outstretched to beckon the coming of god, deny this message. crying for nothingness. the world, the world that I will never see. condemned to this life of misery. as darkness engulfs the shadow remains. a father is weeping the angels lie slain. at the throne of god begging for my life I reject this message and am condemned to fire. tear these wings out, I cannot fly. stripped of pride. a father's rage. disunity, the bastard son...born of lust and greed. pawn of god. useless. kill the message or kill me.

1000 curses:

my faith beget the pride that built your shelter. My rage destroyed the ties that made us brothers. A thousand curses will spite your name and come to suffer among the wretched, you will feel damnation this I swear, a thousand curses will spite your name. All that we built will burn, and we’ll rejoice in the demise. You took everything for your own gain. You took my life for your profit, you are gonna burn, this I swear. All that we built will burn to the ground. You are not my friend and we are not the same, the line has been drawn choose your side.

Upon deaf ears:

My heart has been torn as under trampled by your greed. My screams have turned to silence deafened by your ideas. my soul's been ripped to pieces, never to be reclaimed but you will never listen deafened by your glory. Everything let me down. Everyone betrayed my trust. I can’t believe you’d do this to me after the battle was fought hand in hand. Would you feel my vengeance? Feel my wrath? My heart bleeds anger unto your hands. Was it worth the price? You traded a friend, you betrayed a friendship that was cast in stone. For your life of convenience you’d give it all. For your simple life you’d sell your soul…

A part of me died today….

A part of me died today. It was the piece that made me be. It provided my lust for life, in this wasteland where I will die. But I swear that I will live through this nothing will ever fill this empty void. Will it numb the pain to become divine. The final breath in tragic life, among the wreckage of human lies how can I go on like this just close me up I never existed.

Collapse and die.

Every word was written in spite. Just as you foretold. We will never see the shrouded face plagued by your plight. And it was told, the day would come the sands of time have finally run. The vermin feed: feasting on the dead unable to breathe. What about your crime what about my crime. This mouth remains so hungry while the others continue the feast. How long must we suffer in our misery. Fortress charred ashen, true colors now exposed spontaneous combustion deprived demons rejoice. Every word held in contempt riddled with your grief we will never speak so eloquently.. we collapse and die

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