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news catalog tours links e-mail 01) ABSINTHE ten inch 02) MAN IS THE BASTARD/LOCUST spilt ten inch ***OUT OF STOCK*** 03) UNRUH seven inch ***OUT OF STOCK*** 04) ABSINTHE seven inch ***OUT OF STOCK*** 05) PURITAN/REVERSAL OF MAN split twelve inch 06) JEREMIN seven inch 07) UNRUH - Misery Strengthened Faith twelve inch ***OUT OF STOCK*** 08) PREVAIL - New Foundations twelve inch 09) CREATION IS CRUCIFIXTION - Dethrone or Devour seven inch 10) SUICIDE NATION twelve inch 11) CREATION IS CRUCIFIXTION - In Silico enhanced compact disc 12) UNRUH discography cd ***in the works*** 13) SUICIDE NATION - A Requiem...For All That Ever Mattered cd 14) CHULA- six song mcd PRICES seven inches = $3.00 u.s.a./$5.00 world ten inches/mcds = $6.00 u.s.a./$8.00 world twelve inches = $7.00 u.s.a./$9.00 world compact discs = $8.00 u.s.a./$10.00 world cash or money orders in U.S. funds payable to Mike Genz. sorry no checks. King Of The Monsters 8431 E. San Salvador Scottsdale AZ 85258 United States Of America In Europe order from (*write first for availability and prcies): Scorched Earth Policy c/o Marc Hartmann Hirschstr. 144 76137 Karlsruhe Germany COMING SOON: UNRUH discography compact disc (will contain the lp, 7", split w/Enewetak + comp song) SUICIDE NATION new twelve inch/compact disc MAN VS. HUMANITY/BURY ME STANDING split seven inch DYSTOPIA/WELLINGTON split seven inch Represses to the MAN IS THE BASTARD/LOCUST split and UNRUH twelve inch