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Here is some surprising news, the official age of Rachel which K.A. even wrote in her own book!! The book is Megamorphs #3 Elfangor's Secret, here are the clues: on page 43, a guy says the Animorphs are in the year 1415. Then on page 61, Rachel says she is going to die 600 years before she was even born! Now you have to do some math here, (I'll give my sister the credit, she did it), here is what you have to do: you subtract 1999 (current year) - 1415 (year they are in) that equals = 584. Now take 584 and subtract 600, that equals = 16, and THAT is how old Rachel is!!

Could the cover morph for #39 that is something similar to a wolf be a coyote? And look what I noticed, books 11, 21 and 31 all have the same model who is wearing the same over shirt! One other thing I noticed, #30 and #31 both have an appropriate theme. #30 came out in May, the month of mother's day and in the book, Marco meets his mom. #31 came out in June, the month of father's day and in the book Jake has to save his dad!

A look at the Animorphs Student Planner for 1999-2000, (info thanks to Morphz):
Here is the front cover
And the back cover
The front cover, has some type of rainbow-hologram foil over it. The back cover is the same, minus the foil, and is printed with lighter ink. And at the bottom, there's a little picture of the Animorphs gang from the cover from MM3 and a message.
The inside contents: here's a pic of a sample page spread for the daily organizer section:
Pic 1 (Also the inside cover for #32!!)
Pic 2
The way the book is set up is so that on the left-hand side of the pages of the section, there is the inside cover of a book. On the right is the schedule, and small pictures of the cover morph, each in an individual stage of the morph. There's also a few other sections: Class Schedule, Homework and Assignments, Notes, Friends and Addresses, Birthdays and Special Days to Remember, a two-year Calendar, and a page that's themed with each of the Animorphs (i.e. a Crush Stuff page for Marco, and a Bird's-Eye View page for Tobias). The planner is out now and costs $9.99.

Here are some sample chapters (thanks to Morphz) for #32 The Separation, and #33 The Illusion

Extra news on the 2000 calendar, it should include pics of the Animorphs, the morphs, Yeerks, and other aliens and even David! The calendar will have special effects throughout, to create moving done by David Mattingly and includes a poster! The release date is August 31, 1999 which means that the morph pictures will be from books #21-#33 The Illusion!

Here is something fun, WRNTK or Who Really Needs To Know? These are fun facts about the Animorphs that you really don't need to know, thanks to

Marco likes Nine Inch Nails, the model for Ax on the covers is a cardboard figure, Tom loves Santaroni cheese, Jake wears Nike shoes, Homer is neutered, Jake and Rachel are the fastest runners of the Animorphs, Rachel learns gymnastics at the YMCA from Coach Elway, Cassie's dad has a cellular phone, Cassie's favorite book is Charlotte's Web (so is K.A's), Cassie owns a walkman, Cassie hates math, Cassie's barn is red, Marco's internet names are: BaldwinBoyFive, Studboy and Cassie98, Marco's clock has red numbers, At the gardens, the rhino exhibit is at door P-201 and the tiger at P-202, Yeerk pool entrances include: 75 steps down from the mirror in last dressing room at gap; the multiplex; and the base of the water tower behind their school, Melissa, Jake, and Rachel all ride the same school bus!

The 2000 Animorphs Calendar
Every day, week, and month of the year is a countdown to excitement with a host of Animorphs, Yeerks, and other aliens from the best-selling series. This wall calendar is bursting with full-color art by series' cover artist David Mattingly. It includes special effects throughout, creates moving images. Includes a full color poster! The calendar might have pics of different aliens and David!!
Release Date: August 31, 1999

Info on the Animorphs Card Game

The Animorphs Student Planner 1999-2000 is coming soon. It'll cost $9.95 and come out on June 10th. It will be a hardcover.

#37 The ?????
Rachel is being left in charge of the group while Jake's away - and, unfortunately, it's discovered that the Yeerks have now taken control of a new species: the Garatrons. And the Garatrons make cheetahs look slow. Coming in December 1999!

#34 The Prophecy - Cassie briefly accesses the stored essence of Aldrea, the female Andalite from The Hork-Bajir Chronicles. This leads the Animorphs to the Hork-Bajir home world.
COVER: Cassie to Hork-Bajir

#35 The Proposal - The Animorphs discover a radio personality with many listeners is a Controller and must try to stop him. Marco is starting to become stressed out by his dad dating again and begins to unconsciously mix morphs.

#36 - The Animorphs travel to a place beneath the ocean not un-like Atlantis for a new mission.
COVER: maybe Jake to Stingray

Rumor: #39's cover morph is Cassie to something similar to a wolf (turns out its not a wolf, just a similar animal, which may be a jackal or a dog).

VISSER (The Visser Chronicles) - This book details Visser One's attempts to begin the earth invasion. It will explain why she and Visser Three hate each other so much, how The Sharing was formed, and what led her to fake her death.

COVER: Visser One with Visser Three and maybe planets and space in background

I know what this sickness does! Ax has decided to try another human custom and when someone mentions a dance he decides to go. Then right in the middle of a dance his stalk eyes start coming out of his head. Without him wanting to. Sorta like The Reaction. I guess this gets progressively worse and starts to kill Ax. You should know the rest. This cover book info is thanks to Ziana Astralo's Animorphs Galaxy, I don't know if it is official or not, Ziana says, "Everything is CONFIRMED by SCHOLASTIC!"
#31, The Conspiracy, Jake to peregrine falcon on a brown background, June 1999.
#32, Rachel to starfish and it involves an evil Rachel twin, July 1999
#33, Tobias to some previously unmet alien (a reddish-turquoise thing, some what similar to the Ellimist) In it, Crayak tries to kill Tobias to cancel the "timeline" mentioned in #13, by using all his power, but ends of losing all his powers, August 1999
#34, Cassie to Crayak on a green background, September 1999
#35, Marco to Ellimist (which looks like a blue glowing light), October 1999.
#36, Jake to a rare dangerous Earth mammal which he has already acquired in a past book, November 1999
#37, Rachel to cheetah, December 1999.