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Teen Dream 1997

Jewel Speaks Straight From The Heart

Jewel Kilcher is the star of her very own fairy tale. As a little girl, she used to wake up on the family's 800-acre farm in Homer, Alaska with frost on her eyelashes. There was no heat, hot water or electricity in her house. Hard to imagine, isn't it? But for one of today's hottest pop music stars, it was just another day on the farm.

In three years, Jewel has come a long way. She's gone from being an unknown singer from Alaska to an international pop music phenomenon. Thanks to her incredible debut CD, Pieces of You and it's two hit singles, Who Will Save Your Soul and You Were Meant For Me, Jewel is a favorite performer among young people everywhere. Recently, she chatted to Teen Dream about her music, popularity and career.

TEEN DREAM: What does singing and performing mean to you?

Jewel: Singing to me is like painting, you know with all the different colors. It's kinda like acting too. That's why performing is easy for me. When I'm singing, I'm singing about different characters, colors and moods. This way I don't get bored and the people hearing me sing don't get bored.

TD: So what was it like growing up in Alaska?

Jewel: I had to walk three miles to get to school. I also milked the cows and cooked breakfast. We were like pioneers in a way. We didn't have a TV or any heat. There was this coal stove and no running water. We had a hose and hooked it up to the stream. I am pretty proud of my upbringing. It has shaped me to be what I am today.

TD: What do you think about your fans?

Jewel: My fans are cool, very polite. People come to my shows and I meet them later and they always ask me to sign things. Nobody bothers me or anything like that. My fans are some of the most polite people in the world. I enjoy meeting them.

TD: Three years ago, you played Dorothy in the concert version of Wizard Of Oz. At the time did you feel a real kinship with the role?

Jewel: It was a real highlight for me. I will never forget it. What was so great about it was that I got to utilize different parts of myself in the role. I went to school and studied all the arts, so I was ready for it. Being able to accept the challenge was very scary at first. There I was on the road trying to learn the script and everything - me being the lead role and everything. It was quite an experience.

TD: Any last words before you take off to do another show?

Jewel: I just want to say that my songs are honest and come straight from my heart. I'm happy with my work because of that. I have always believed, if you sing from the heart, people will be moved in theirs. I hope I have reached people with my music.

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