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Take to The Sky :- Kabin Links

I hope your visit to Kilchers Kabin has been pleasant and comfortable...and too!!! In the meantime, you might want to take a nice little vacation to some of these other great places...hey..a personal recommendation from me means these places must be good!!!hahaha..enjoy!..Oh..and don't forget to come back to Kilchers Kabin..after visiting these great will need to come back here for a lie down!!!

Jewel: Pieces of UK This, in my opinion, is the best British based site concerning the legendary Jewel Kilcher. For comprehensive and up to date information regarding tours, TV appearances and CD availabiity, all UK Jewel fans should visit this site.

Gail's Nirvana And Rock Music Page This site belongs to my friend Gail. She is a huge fan of Nirvana, grunge, and Alternative Rock as a whole. She also has some interesting philosophies and a unique viewpoint to life. If you like things controversial and a little bit different, then please come here and visit.

TheInteractiveToriAmosLyricsSolvingQuest As well as Jewel, I am also a HUGE Tori Amos lover. I absolutely love this site. It is basically one, big discussion board which aims to analyse and interpret every one of Tori's songs. So, if you are into Tori, you really should give this site a look. You could indeed be there for hours!

The Official Jewel Web Site This is the official Jewel Web Site and therefore has the most reliable information concerning what Jewel is up to.