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Kilcher's Kabin

Welcome to my site dedicated to the beautiful singer/songwriter/guitarist, Jewel Kilcher. Jewel's music touches my heart in a way which is difficult to describe. She strikes a chord within my body, with every note she plays or sings. She is the embodiment of all that is beautiful in my opinion. Her music is so fragile and melodic, yet so potent. Her lyrics plead and beg us to look at our own lives, as well as giving us an insight into her own amazing fairytale. Please enjoy your stay here, and sign my guestbook below to leave your much appreciated comments on the site.

LATEST NEWS!! ABOVE is the BRAND NEW artwork for Jewel's forthcoming single INTUITION. The commercial UK release of the single was originally scheduled to be on May 19th but according to WEA London it has now been pushed back to June/July.

Jewel returns to Europe!!! - In the first half of May, Jewel will be embarking upon a promotional tour of Europe which will involve Press, Radio and TV appearances. No further details regarding exactly when/where Jewel will be travelling to are available at the moment.

It's official - Jewel's 5th album will be entitled 0304. As the concept of the album is intended to be a snapshot of current American pop culture, Jewel felt that 0304 captured the theme well.

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