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Our Kids

We decided not to have any human children, so all our kids are adopted. Right now we have 4 cats, 2 dogs, and a tortoise. Following are photographs of some of them.

킽͎qǂ܂Bybg͎ɂƂĎqǂ̂悤Ȃ̂łB Ima, neko ga 4 hiki inu ga 2 hiki kame ga 1 piki imasu.


Random was our eldest. He recently passed away.
Tsumano ichiban sukina neko wa nakunarimashita.

Besides being a great name for any cat, "Random" is from Zelezny's Nine Princes In Amber.


Watashi mo Arizona ni hikkosu jikan ni, neko ga hoshikatta desu. Zembu doubutsu no hinansho ni iru neko wa watashi no te to asobite ka aibushimashita. Demao Selena ja arimasendeshita.

When I moved to Arizona I decided I wanted a cat too. All the cats at the pound wanted to either play with the hand I stuck in their cages, or be petted by it. Selena, only 10 weeks old at the time, sat very elegantly with her tail wrapped around her front legs, looked me straight in the eye, and put her paw gently on my finger as if to say "Pleased to make your acquaintance." My heart melted. When I asked the attendant to take her out, Selena immediately was on my shoulder purring loudly enough to be heard by everyone in the place."Papa no taisetsuna koneko chan desu ne."


Uchi o katta no atode, Singer o youshi ni shimashita. Watashi mo Carrie mo inu o tamotsu niwa ga hoshikatta desu.

We got Singer after we bought our house. We both wanted a yard big enough to hold a dog. Singer was the only one at the pound who really appealed to both of us with her blue eyes and mournful wail. She was named Singer because her previous owners called her Cindy, and we wanted something close enough that it wouldn't confuse her too much. Singer was also a good name because of her blue eyes (like Frank Sinatra) and the fact she was "singing" in her pen.

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