Everybody has been hit with some type of stone. Stones of trauma cause setbacks in a person’s life. Some stones can weaken you or boost resilience. If you never had stones thrown at you, keep living. Carmen had stones thrown at her all her life. Her stoning was abuse, rejection, betrayal, jealousy, and racism. The constant trauma drove her to alcoholism and homelessness. She only knew the environment of suppression and oppression. The world was blind to her tears. The faster she ran; the faster the stones were thrown. Carmen’s numbness led her to daydream. The guilt made her believe daydreaming is too dangerous. Abuse, betrayal, and rejection made her a woman at a young age. 

Author Karla Drew was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Karla and her family consider Arizona their home. She lived briefly in Los Angeles in order to seek creativity and to write about life. She appeared on a reality TV show. Karla wrote several songs for an inspirational CD. Look for “Jesus was a Holy Man,” on Amazon and CDbaby.com. Karla has a Graduate Degree from Grand Canyon University

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