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The Howard Stern Radio Show is Howard Stern's fourth TV show and is his second venture into broadcast television.  Sometimes called a "CBS show", it is actually syndicated by Eyemark and can be seen Saturday nights on most of the CBS owned affiliates and on various other stations accross the country. The show is an attempt to bring to broadcast television what Howard has been doing on the E! Entertainment cable channel since 1994. Many people don't get the E! channel and this show allows those people to see what is going on in the radio studio. 

The show was first billed as major competition to Saturday Night Live which has been,  for many years, the leader in late Saturday night television. But for now, the Howard Stern Radio Show is not yet in a position to compete. The show is aired at different times by several stations and is not available in all markets, nor does it get the promotion it would get if it actually were a CBS network program. Nonetheless, the show seems to be holding its own, proving wrong the predictions of an early demise. 

This page will keep track of the weekly overnight ratings for the HSRS, SNL and the other major player on Saturday nights, FOX's Mad TV.  There will also be weekly show summaries.

Show Summary HSRS SNL MadTV
1 08-22-98 Nicole Bass, OJ Simpson interview, Howard look-a-like 4.7/11 6.4/17 R 4.6/10
08-29-98 Wesley Snipes, farting contest, Gary the Retard Dating Game, Rob Zombie performs Dragula 3.9/10 6.2/16 R 4.1/9
09-05-98 Cindy Crawford, Fred and Robin fight, LL Cool J, stripper Kendra talks about Jerry Springer, Penis Knievel 3.0/8 5.5/15 R 3.9/9
09-12-98 Penthouse Pet Nikie St. Gilles, Conjoined twins, 
Sally Kirkland, Intern Beauty Pageant
3.4/9 5.8/15 R 4.6/10
09-19-98 Girls evaluated for Playboy, Gary is fat, Richard Belzer 2.7/7 6.0/15 R 3.8/8
09-26-98 Discussion of dance party, Marilyn Manson, Chris Tucker interview,  Stuttering John yelled at 2.7/6 7.9/20 R 3.7/8
10-03-98 Gay Dance Party with the Goo Goo Dolls 2.9/7 7.2/19 4.6/10
10-10-98 Lupus guy gets a masage, Pam Anderson, Bill Maher 3.5/9 7.3/19 R 4.4/9
10-17-98 Jaime Lee Curtis, Shaq O'Neill, Candy Ass, girl gets shaved 2.9/7 6.7/17
10-24-98 Fake orgasm contest, Handicapped Star Search 2.3/6 6.8/18 3.8/8
10-31-98 Tara the camerawoman, woman evaluated for Playboy cries, Gia is a man 3.7/10 5.6/15 R 4.2/9
11-07-98 Howard's and Jackie's compare bodies, man smells vegetarians, 11 yr old farter, Tony Randall interview 3.0/8 6.8/18 4.5/10
11-14-98 Girl beaten with fish, girl holds objects under breasts 3.3/9 6.8/18 4.3/9
11-21-98 Cindy Margolis, strip homeless game 4.0/11 7.4/19 4.2/9
11-28-98 Rerun of Gay Dance Party 2.3/7 6.6/17 R 4.3/9
12-05-98 Small penis contest 3.3/8 6.8/17 4.5/9
12-12-98 Houston's Dating Game 4.1/10 7.3/18 4.3/9
12-19-98 Intern Beauty Contest, Daniel Carver, Gay Rich, Gary Retard 3.5/9 7.1/18 C 4.0/8
12-26-98 Rerun of week 11 3.8/8 5.7/15 R 3.4/10 R
01-02-99 Rerun of week 14 4.7/11 7.3/17 R 4.9/9 R
01-09-99 Rerun of week 12 NA 7.3/18 5.1/10
01-16-99 Jenna Jameson, Tina blows out candle with privates 4.0/10 6.7/17 5.3/11
Girl comes in to be a slave, Insane Clown Posse and Ralph judge a girl who wants to be in Playboy 3.4/9 7.1/18 R
5.0/10 R
Christi Lake plays The Dating Game 3.5/9 6.4/16 C 5.8/10
Jackie gets massage from girl, 71 yr old stripper 4.1/10 7.4/18 5.0/10
02-13-99 Pam Anderson and friends. NA 7.0/18 5.1/11
Ratings info taken from   R=Rerun, C=Compilation

What the numbers mean

There are an estimated 98 million television households in the USA. A single ratings point represents 1%, or 980,000 households. Share (the number following the "/") is the percentage of television sets in use tuned to a specific program.  for example, a rating of  3.7/10 means that 3.7% of the 98 million television households were watching the show and 10 % of the television sets in use were tuned in.

Latest News:

2-16-99   Howard announced on the radio show today that there will be some major changes coming soon for the HSRS. This may be an attempt to make the show some more appealing to potential affiliates who may pick up the show for next season. Stay tuned for further details!

2-4-99  The show will be cancelled in Washington DC (WB affiliate, WBDC) after the current contract runs out next August.  The reason given was that it has been too difficult to get advertisers for the show.  The show was moved from it's original time slot of 11:00 pm to 1:00 am, (not the best way to get advertisers).  Hopefully, another station in DC will pick up the show... a station that knows how to sell ads.

Other Info:

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A Yahoo feature on HSRS which came out just before the show's premiers

An article on some WB stations dropping the show

NY Times article on the show's mid-season status.

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