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Hasses Page About Motors

Hello and Welcome

On this site you will soon find a lot of interesting and important information about the things I love in life. Motors. And specially my favourite once - old veterancars and motorcycles. But of course you will find a presentation of me and my family and other funny things.

My name is Hans hman and I live in the north of Sweden in a little town called Lycksele. I work as an electrician for a company called Skellefte Kraft AB. But, ever since I was a young boy Ive been interested in Indian motorcycles and Nash cars.

Iv got one functionable Indian from the year of 1928 Scout Serie 101. I will soon put up a pic on this page. Otherwise Ive got some Indian motorcycles Im trying to restore. A 1927 Scout and a1919 PP. If youre looking for parts to Indians please mail me, Ive got many different parts for many different motorcycles.

The Nash Im restoring at the moment is from the year of -32, model 960. At the moment Im looking for hubcaps for it. So if youve got any please mail me!!

This is me while fishing!

So, once again, very welcome!


This part will soon get its own site but until then Ill tell you what its all about.

I live in the north part of Sweden, also called "Lappland". As you might have heard Sweden is called "The land of the midnightsun" and this fact is actually true. One day a year the sun shines 24 hours a day in Sweden. Sweden is also known to be a country with friendly people. And I can asure you that its true. But as in every country there are people who see things differently.

This Indian Motorcycle Web Ring site owned by Hans hman.
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