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Dominique Moceanu Quiz - Level 2

You think you're pretty good, huh?!

Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. Where did Dominique spend Christmas Eve in 1993?

With the Karolyi's
At home with her family
Beverly Hills

2. Along with her parents who supported Dominique throught the years?

Her friends
Jennie Thompson
Linda and Mac
Jeff LaFleur

3. What was waiting for Dominique at the airport after she returned to Houston from Atlanta 96?

Adoring fans
Body guards
A limousine
Her best friend

4. The first time Dominique performed for Bela he described her skills as?

Sharp and clean

5. How long did Dominique train at Karolyi's before making the Junior National Team?

2 years
5 1/2 months
7 months
1 year

6. What event did Dominique win a gold medal in at 94 Nationals?

Floor Exercise
All of the above

7. When Dominique first arrived at Karolyi's what world class gymnast did she NOT train with?

Kim Zmeskal
Betty Okino
Wendy Bruce
Kerri Strug

8. What did Dominique want to do after the Olympics?

Immediately start training for Sydney
Get a tan
Build a gym and church

9. Who encouraged Dominique to try for Sydney 2000?

Bela and Marta Karolyi
Her parents
Michael Johnson
Mary Lou Retton

10. Where did Dominique live in Chicago, Illinois?

In the city
Pine Valley
Highland Park