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*Dominique attened the prom and Shannon Miller's wedding recently as one of her bride's maids.
* Dominique will NOT compete in the comp. in China.

* Dominique is now training in Colorado.

* Dominique is now back with her former coach Luminita,
trainging at Brown's gymnastics in Florida.

* Dominique DIDN'T compete in the Reese's cup,
it turns out, the winners for womens were Amanda Borden and Amy Chow ,
followed by Vanessa Alter and Jaycie Phelps, and in 3rd Kim Zmeskal
and Kristi Phillips.

* Dominique hasn't trained since october,
but now is going back.

* Dominique Now has a new Coach,
Alexander Alexandrov and She is training at Brown's Gymnastics.

* Dominique is now 5'2! she has grown 8 inches since

* Dominique WILL compete in the Reese's cup on
Saturday, January the 23rd, CHECK your tv guide for times.