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Everything that you read, view, or listen to here on my web page was all Invented by myself,

 it all is copywrited and I am always creating more for updates to the page.

Last Updated...3.1.2000

The following are short,very short stories I wrote.


Every time I blinked or looked away, even for a second, the dog was slightly closer to me. I never saw him acctually walk, although he was sitting on his back legs each time. This realization was sickingly horrific. This was not man's best friend, this was like liquid evil! You could even feel it pushing in on every inch of everything in sight. I urged to look away again, like a sadist with a razor, and when I did, I could hear panting and feel dog eyes, and smell death. And like waking from a nightmare, I turned and looked. --- The dog was directly in front of me, mouth closed now, glaring into my eyes, about six inches away. As the blood rushed to my head and I started loosing conciousness, I felt the unmistakeable warmth of my own exposed blood.


Ever since the jump, there was a sneaky but unmistakeable bug stowing away with us. It was probably the new drive system, but diagnostics proved inconclusive amounts of Pro-Curon matter. The bug could not have existed in these conditions. Nevertheless, we were obviously worried. It grew rapidly and killed violently. With just three of us left, I entered the E.V.A. and ejected into the void. I knew my mates were doomed, but the only cure was a selfish rejection. As I watched the ship in pitiful shame and helpless agony, it suddenly twisted violently astern, stopped, and drifted in an almost grotesque direction. They were lost and I would become found, if our devilish bug would forget me.

--- THREE ONES ---

Strain, it was time to strain, and then busted, obviously. Shaking heads and bad, bad vibes. There was not one person who could count those, they thought. The cause had become the driver and I had no reason to force it on them. Fierce was the menace. Deliberate bouts of rage, inhibited only by mass of reaction and a guilt ridden mind. This was the last and most decent fury; The Rhythms Epoch.


Over and out Mr. Numbshoulders !, and you can tell your friend too! No more crackeling! No more crack-el-ing! The thought had made him paranoid and quite disturbed, and what's more, he spoke with a mild arc in time. The bits had only loosened slightly and were not showing any more. This unfortunate miscalculation had shortened them to an irreconcilable degree.


If there was a single minute of serenity, it had escaped me. Shocking the frail, abused mentality of Shanna was its chief disaster. The mixture of trauma, non-reality, and confusion was an intense one, and she would not prevail. The peak of bizzare horror came quickly, but was frustrating and surely unwelcome. I knew Shanna was taken at that moment. Her eyes had spoken to me.


There was nothing between them but a trace of a familiar wind. The moment, dangling on a thread of lost time, had finally arrived. His head was suddenly shifted into a state of euphoria beyond comprehension, and physical sight melded with mental visions. She could feel all of his thoughts now, and soon it caused her to become dizzy. Sound disapated, light infiltrated the deepness of the sub-consious mind, and they were both lifted through a seemingly endless dreamscape. As the light returned to the edges, and the familiar wind found their ears, they came to realize for the first time, that they would never be alone.

>> Addendum:Project Fleabag

That is exactly what popped out of that blasted machine!I couldnt believe my eyes. I knew it was inevitable, and thats probably why I despised that machine so. But now? Why now? There was much more editing, and foreign tasks to be done. No! Not now!! But just as the letters, and documentation, and writs stated, I flipped the blue switch, changed clothes, and disappeared in a silvery puff of smoke, leaving the mess for the others.

--The Inevitable Spark --

Someday, without any warning, you will change. And the feeling will be like a swift wave of threat, and it will devour you. Once that the overwhelming rush of initial fear has subsided, and roots in your subconcious mind, you will find yourself at an unfamiliar crossroad. This is the exact point in your life in which a comfortable medium is chosen. Selection of this medium is usually involuntary, but sometimes in a unique and clever instant, some of us choose the way with a powerful, and deep rooted defence mechanism. Luck and decided fate are not ruled out as the stealthy culprit.This spark of change will leave you with an empty vault of knowledge, bluer skies and greener grass. Never underestimate that of which you do not know, and someday without any warning, you will stand at the crossroad, and you will find out what you've always wondered about.

-------------end--(watch for new stories soon!)------------------

The following are a couple of my favorite poems I have written.

Miss Fortune

I just answered a strangers question through my mind,
and now she's in a home for the bewildered.
I thought I knew her name, but it must have slipped my mind,
and then it was reminded me by passing a bluebird.
This woman is haunting me now, with the wrath of a devils' nightmare,
and I can even smell the air around in which she tries to sleep.
I continue my slumbers, wishing she would forget to pray,
And I continue my slumbers. Who will burn first?
And often I wonder, if it was I who snuck away her soul,
Or if she, carelessly, without guilt, tripped and clipped mine.
This woman, I call Miss Fortune, trades will with bliss.
And even though we havent been introduced, I feel her eyes,
.... I know her kiss.

Everything Dies
I've seen the wind turn, I've seen the ground burn, 
I've felt passion arise, I've felt love when it tries. 
Everything dies. 
I've been fortune bent, I've been heaven sent, 
I've known a thousand lies, I've known love when it tries. 
Everything dies. 
Never say goodbye to the fire, to many cracks upon the wire. 
Never say goodbye to the fire, to many tracks and she's a liar.

I've made the world turn, I've made thier eyes burn, 
I've helped passion arise, I've helped love when it tries. 
Everything dies. 
Never say goodbye to the fire, to may cracks upon my wire. 
And I'm an awful liar. 
Everything dies......


Freedom Fighting witless; with more crush and more......
Over Lasting she breaks; with four fist and four ....... 
Cage and light, and not so bright.
And listen and listen and all of her Might. and more...

The following collection of words, phrases, and nonsense are freeform style poetry lines that I began writing in 1994. Hopefully, this collection will open you to examine your imagination and invoke pictures and visions you may never have explored before. It can be very abstract, and you don't neccesarily have to understand what they mean (some of the words just simply don't exist.)
You may want to read through some of them a few times, it may be an aquired taste for some. Just try to have an open mind. -Enjoy

They are Collectively called:


---The bus has just crunched up on a grip of Docket Smackers.
---Grown out of a celestial trail, Lucas had no one to refer back to. All the way back! 
---She finished, then diminished. It had been a long and unfortunate misinterpratation of the facts.
---Before we could split with Clownhead, there was to be a 'random motion flank.'
---A trillion nodes for Emily, and she wants to be me.
---Unsorted and co-horted, through freedoms realm and unselfish at the missions helm. 
---Even when it was all over, Cameron blew his horn and made the grass grow faster. 
---Nester was a bit, was a bit, was a bit, was the bit. He had been told that a few times. 
---The woods smelled of flat bean latex, or the old westerner really did have a knack for rental snouting. 
---Fortunately, more Pleasers found the small dog repulsive, and they thought it would be O.K. to scatter him around. 
---Cold. He did it like it really was built in! I found it extremely disturbing and was never cured of that citatrix. 
---Each connect is made good through trans-conductual feel gropers. Plainly. Unfesting. 
---If the starker can't fiddle, the starkers can't fiddles! 
---The first guy, I would say, was floortrampeling along, and the next guy,well he was just mee-nee-nee-no-nee-norkled.
---Rotate a dozen finely, then scoop 'till desired fashion. Open a brokes.
---I could not rot another blend of Sky Tortes. Chef Moo-Bag drew up a new peeker. 
---Slish warfler eighty, with a tumbler belt. 
---"After you worry," she graoned, "flex the lower cavity, it should just float up." 
---If the cat hadn't been there, it could have made a much larger dent.
---"Bankers Souflee!", reamed up from below. Then the anchor found a nest.
---Treason! Liar! You everlasting dream clogger! 
---Fountains and fountains with loosened knots and juice. 
---I plum missed my pant, and pleated my brain! 
---Portions of bleet and morselsof fleeshen couldn't beat number 3 anyway.
---The season called for a Liebster cabin, but the guys, they stranded a mini kaboot. 
---Push, posh. Overdrooled and min-e-sculed. 
---Catching the tray beam let us realize the superb notion of plauseable time travel.
---After the wind swept him off his feet, he decided just to stay there.
---There was a time for us and a time for them, and this was certainly going to be a long time. 
---First of all it's pouring, and second of all it cannot go un-noticed. Besides, I had no place to fly. 
---The price, twice of a load, or a leash. 
---Reminded of a gnat, unbinded as I sat. The room was, by a long shot, shrinking.
---It was a ritualistic dance with grease and celery bits. 
---Balls of fancy, poseing corn. 
---Drooping clumsily, drafted, folded immensely,trackted. 
---Tremblered residers cost thier system a new lantic chaw, and that bunt fooled Milly Jaw. 
---Gracious was he, for the queens must have been infuriated! 
---His face was as drawn as the carriage he led. The horses were grumbling aloud, and the air was felt, like the lining. 
---Unite of melsh. Unit of mesh. Nite of she. Entire F-hose. 
---Pointed off toward the velvet lode. The endless mode. 
---Did he say he counted them, or was it that he hadn't frozen the elden and mishapen fifteenth batch? 
---And the grool became a virtual sea of patch. 
---Overflown to a blind relish cake. Overblown in my mind I'm a hellish fake.
---Looking like locking Las Lampena. 
---Impedimenting favor sticks were items I had'nt included on the flesh tending list.
---"Time to die", said he with a lash crossed, but never a flawing moment. Cured to everplection.

-----------------CURIOS end--------------------------
Watch for new CURIOS in the future!!!! They'll be at the top of the Curios list.



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The drawings below were all created out of a single scribble each. Then I just drew whatever I saw in the scribble.
I have thousands of them.

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