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"Chris, After Graduation"
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After art school, Christine went to a bigger college to go for her BFA while I took up a job selling stereo and electronics equipment. It sounds like a great departure from art, but in my final year of art school I had started learning electronics for the purpose of doing 'kinetics' which was the concept of art moving or interacting with the viewer (sound familiar).

I gradually expanded my knowledge of both electronics and computers throughout these years. Honing all skills at once, intricately weaving a fabric which would eventually lead to my present abilities. When Christine was accepted in a Graduate Department, there was no other decision to be made. We moved two states over so she could work towards her Masters in Photography.

Don't let anybody tell you that working for a Masters degree at a top-notch college is not difficult. The high level of competition takes its toll on your spirit.

After graduating, we were both ready for a change. I had worked for three years in a grueling electronics sweat shop called Kelsey Electronic Manufacturing Company to help support us and was in just the right place in time to say "yes" when we came up with the idea of taking a photographic excursion by bicycle across America. Back in high school, Chris had actually thought of doing that very thing, so I started planning for the trip in the spring of 1981.