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"Chris in Chair"
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... But, we not only drew by candlelight. It was an eerie time because after the sun went down, on went the candles. We cooked by it, made love by it, but mostly drew because we had no TV.

The reason we didn't have a TV is because of the robberies. I lived on the edge of a very dangerous part of town so it was incredibly dangerous. One night someone knocks on the door at 8:00 at night asking if they can use the Yellow Pages. Being a hick from the sticks that I am, I open the door.

"IN THE ROOM, sucker...," Oops. Two six-foot black men tower above me, leering. One holds a butcher knife, the other a bayonette. My roomate at the time, Steve, glances up from his book with an open mouth and holds that pose.

( ...To Be continued... )