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"Young Love"
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When I graduated from high school in 1971, I started working at a Retirement Center as a porter in order to earn enough money to apply to art school. By the spring of 1972 I was hugging my parents goodbye; carrying a small box of belongings up the granite front steps of a dingy tenement apartment in 'the big city'.

Art school and freedom.. It continued to be a time to explore new techniques; but as you can see, I still enjoyed drawing with pencil on paper only, this time, it was a live naked body that I drew. By September, I had met Christine, who would turn out to be the love of my life.

The summer of '72 was a nice one for us. We spent much of our spare time without clothes on as first I'd model for her, then we'd switch.

When you're 19, it can seem like there's all the time in the world. We'd draw for hours, enjoying each other's bodies. Light would filter through wafting drapes, falling across our bodies as summer horns blared their bleeting calls from alley walls.