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"Richard Burton"
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But, nudes weren't all that I was drawing. In fact, I drew everything I could lay my hands on. One of my favorites was drawing stars from television.

On Sundays I'd leap into the family car with my brother and my mother would hand each of us two comic books to stave off the long dull drive to my Grandmother's house, which was over a hundred grueling miles.

On one of these trips I brought a sketchbook with me so I could show my mentor, Uncle Lou. When we arrived, I excitedly showed him the pictures I'd done of the television stars. He didn't know even one of them. Where he lived was too hilly for proper TV reception, so Uncle Lou had never seen even one of the shows that I knew so well.

In this case, Richard Burton was a complete stranger to 'ME' because at the time I could only stay up until 7:00 pm and I never watched movies at all. So, this was drawn without a clue as to who I was sketching. Now that I recognize the face, it seems amazing to me that I could have caught such a good likeness of a stranger.