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"The House That John Built"
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Copyright ©1998

My father completely built our house from the ground up, doing the installation of the electronics, the plumbing, the septic system, the digging of the foundation, everything... This was seen as a miracle by not only the two sons, but all of my father's brothers as well. His accomplishment spurred nearly all of his brothers to build their own houses as well.

Notice in this drawing the incredible attention to particular detail. There were rectangular glass globe lights on the entry door between the garage and the house, and to the right of the front door. I even depicted the ribbing on them. The three different sized overlapping windows in the front door that went off at an angle. The multicolored shingles that hinted of the rainbow above (in reality a rainbow could never be seen over the house because it faced towards the North).

The only innaccuracy is the stone walk I devised which leads to the front door. I have no idea why I added that because it was always plain grass. The only people who I ever remember going to that door were the one Jehovah's Witness who must have lost his way because it was the one and only time one ever came to our door.