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"Robbie the Robot"
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Copyright ©1998, Gary

Robbie the Robot 2 Image After the movie "The Forbidden Planet", I got a metallic Robbie The Robot. I kept this robot in excellent condition. In fact, it was in such spectacular condition that there was narry a scratch and the batteries still worked.

When I went on my first bicycle trip across the country in 1981 we had yard sales to get rid of things enough so that it might be able to be shipped to us again once we settled down. While I was fixing an oscilloscope my mother came to me and asked, "Did you want to sell this?"

Me, being busy at the time and frustrated that I had just blown my voltmeter said, "Sure." I never saw the robot again, but while on the bike trip I heard on the radio one night that somebody had bought (my?) Robbie the Robot for $7000.00. Arggggh and cough.