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"Ding Dong School"
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Copyright ©1997

My first experiences with art came at a very early age. Before I even went to Kindergarten, I used to watch intently as my mother would copied cartoons from comic books. Having no one to compare her with, I thought what she did was pure magic. Since I had no way of knowing that children of age five aren't supposed to be able to draw like that, there was nothing to stop me from reproducing my mother's skills.

The Ding Dong School book was my first real drawing pad. It had originally been my brother Ron's, but seeing that he had few inclinations toward art, it became mine by default. The reason that this book and all the rest of my early drawings are still available is that my mother had the care to store everything, keeping it safe in a box in the attic.

One can find in this book the very first drawing that made me decide that some day, I'd be able to draw, too.