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"Deer Skull"
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Computers were starting to enter the market that had the capabilities I needed as a graphic artist. When the Amiga was introduced, I knew right off that I just HAD to get one. The first one I bought was an Amiga 500, and for the first time I had the ability to paint, draw and do animations on a computer. (The Commodore PET had very limited graphic characters which were actually just letters of the alphabet. You were able to set two characters next to each other to create boxes and lines, but there was only black and white capability). I later bought an Amiga 2000 which is where I learned both touchtyping (using "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing") and C programming.

I had found the deer skull back in '78 near the beach. It was drawn with only 16 colors, but that was great relative to the limited capacity of the PET. There is also a 4096 color HAM (Hold-and-Modify) mode on the Amiga, but it was always annoying to work with at a pixel-level because not every pixel could reside beside every other color of pixel. The introduction of 24 bit changed all that.