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"The DeafLab Program"
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In 1988 I designed the pictures and concept of using an interface to teach the handsigning of the letters A - Z. The original version was done in C on the Amiga platform and a friend uploaded it to the internet for me, then I promptly forgot about it.

A few months later someone told me that they had seen the program's name in a CD-ROM Library' series and when I looked it up, somehow it had been included. A few weeks later I found that it had been reviewed in the an issue of Amiga Info magazine and had gotten rave reviews.

In 1994, I decided to expand and revitalize the program so I reprogrammed it for the Macintosh using Director 4.0.4 and finally added the ability to handsign text files (which had originally been a feature I'd said I'd add to the program when I designed it).

So, here is a scaled-down version for your enjoyment.