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"Death of a Salesman"
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In the fall of 1987 I took a job at a Silkscreen Printshop as a silkscreening artist again. Sometimes, when the work backed off, the boss would ask me to create T-Shirt designs for his family and friends. These were generally the most insteresting of the jobs I did at the time.

Of all my bosses, Fred was the most generous, interesting and funny of all that I have currently had. Unfortunately, back during the 'Savings and Loan' fiasco, the banks wouldn't give him the loan he always needed in order to finish the orders for the public school systems, so he was forced to close the silkscreening department.

In fact, I hadn't worked there for more than two weeks when I asked if I could go home to see my parents as I hadn't seen them in years. He agreed for me to take my vacation after only being there for such a short time. Every holiday, he'd give everybody a "Farmer's Market" ham. On Fridays, he'd buy refreshments for all and Fred, Dave and Wayne from the silkscreen deparment would play darts on the dartboard he had set up. He really knew how to engender good employee relations. Thanks, Fred, for your generousity and kindness.

Fred initiated this design for one of his main salesmen who was about to be married. The shop closed soon after this. .