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"Saint Christina"
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"Distant Shores" copyright 1998

A dark one lying between modest forest lichens, silently splendid like the winds of spring. Going forward at first light, peering blindly against the frenzied squabble of flailing finches who depart.

On her knees and nipping the grass wildly with her teeth she awakens to find the glow from the distant shore upon her. Dark water upon her flanks, cloak growing from her as would green carpets of clover.

Arches of silver raise, intertwined like vines at each side She wonders if the moon in her soul is rising or setting, and wonders if the wolves will catch her unwary as she sips along the shores.

The chasm of time upon which she lies at night collapses inward until there is no sound but the beating of her heart. And her eyes open to see things, that no one has ever seen before.