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The Electric Lighthouse Absolute Brilliance Award

The Electric Lighthouse "Absolute Brilliance" Award Winners

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Special Award Winners
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March 1st, 1997

CyberSpaceShip Button Image

" The CyberSpaceShip"

Interplanetary space adventures. Excellent graphics and animation (considering the severe limitations of the Internet)

" Thanks for the award (very nice) for the Cyberspaceship.
I put it up on my awards page and linked it back to your URL.

Thanks again,

Don Reed "

March 1st, 1997

Facemaker Button Image

" FaceMaker "

Create, modify and warp various 3-D rendered faces.

FaceMaker was designed by Jean-Luc Duprat at the the University of British Columbia; Vancouver, Western Canada

" Thank you for your great support, and for this distinguished award.
It is an honor for us to be showcased among such high quality sites. "


March 4th, 1997

Bag Momma Image

"Anonymomma's World "

" The only place in cyberspace where one can be entertained by a laughing woman with a bag on her head! " And, although you shouldn't miss the opening pages from the entrypoint link, here is a link which you shouldn't miss, either... " So, Ya Wanna Fool Around With the Momma" where you receive an award if you participate in drawing a representation of what you think 'Momma' looks like under her bag. You can see the winners at " Momma's Mug Book "

A truly unique and brilliant site with over 30 different areas to explore. She's doing such labor-intensive loading you can expect to crash every now and then on certain versions of Netscape on the Mac, but it's worth it. And, now that she's got her own domain my Mac can't load the sound files and tells me I should increase my cache size. Oh well. But, it'll probably work for you.

" Great... Great... great!!!!!!!!  Your honoring me means alot!

Your cudos made me smile in the biggest way!  Thank you for the grrrrreat write up ... makes all my hard work truely worthwhile.  That's the real award ...being appreciated and folks saying they really have fun and return often! It now rests very proudly on my mantle linked back to your great Lighthouse!!

My Mugshot idea came to me at the usual 3am at the keyboard and I have just had a blast watching my idea grow and to see everyone having fun with it.

kiss kiss, Timmi "

March 13th, 1997

Ann-S-Thesia Kaleidoscope Image

"Ann-S-Thesia's S.S. Studio"

" A Gallery of Digital Delights... Web graphics, Fine Arts, GIFShop and all original artwork on the site were designed entirely by Ann Stretton. (Please read her graphics-use agreement). Also check out the artist ring. It will allow you to get great graphics for your sites for just the price of a link, most of the time. "

Linkware Image

" Thank you so much for the award -- it means a lot!  I like how you showcased my site, too! "


March 26th, 1997

Control Panel Image

" Darrin's Home Page "

" Well, this is the first site that I've given the award to just for the graphics alone. The graphics are so supurb that I decided to give him the award. Eye-candy galore. Also, expect long waits (even on the 'Low BandWIDTH' version) as the graphics load. Check out the Daggerfall section for a great graphic image. "

" Thanks for the award, and your comments. I've tried hard to make this a site to be proud of. "


March 6th, 1998

Edo Matsu Image

" Edo Japan, A Virtual Tour "

Great site!

March 27th, 1998

Apple Corps Image

" Chris Rywalt's Apple Corps "

" Ma, can I have a potato? "

March 29th, 1998


World Wide Web

Special Collection

Search the World Wide Web & Special Collection

" Northern Light Search Engine "

Really good search engine. Possibly even better than Altavista and Infoseek, particularly if you don't use quotes, plus and minus signs, or boolean commands.

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Special Award Winners
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